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Brokk 160 working at Steel Plant in India!

Due to in proper planning

Client :                               Sponge Iron Kiln in India

Brokk application:          Sponge Iron accretion cutting and Castable de bricking inside 500TPD

Brokk Model:                    BK 160

Kiln diameter:                   4.8m (Total kiln 1)

Opening Available:           4.2m

Main application is to carry out accretion cutting and castable debricking inside the kiln

Diametre 4.8m dia kilnopening of 4.2m dia.

Benefits: Immense breaking power from the hydraulic breaker and flexibility of 3 parts arm system

Remote controlled ensures operator is away from falling debris and with clear line of Sight

Electrically Driven machine suitable for hot and dusty environment

B160 work radius

Vertical reach: 4.8 m (15.8 ft)

Horizontal reach: 4.4 m(12.1 ft.)

Some cases boulders were appoximately 10 t hard accretion and convering the kiln making the openinng very hard for manuvering

Due to accretion density Brokk took arounds 15 days whereas manually same would be around 25-30 days

Further savings of 1-2 days with Brokk Method is a possibilty if all necessary arrangements and clearnances are avaliable