Remote Controlled Demolition Machines

The unique compact design and superior performance of the Brokk machine creates for itself a vast array of applications in various industries i.e. construction, metal processing, nuclear or underground. The small design of the models of the machine can out work bigger excavators. Since it has a electrical motor harmful fumes can easily be avoided. Nevertheless based on the application and requirement certain models of Brokk can be equipped with diesel motor. Old methodologies can be easily replaced with the much safer and faster Brokk technology.

Safety and performance are kept in the utmost in the Brokk technology to access small dangerous and difficult to reach places. Time management and losses due to unforeseen shutdowns can cause huge losses to the companies there fore high regard to stability and long term performance incorporated into every Brokk machine.

Brokk Sweden as compay is wholly dedicated to manufacturing only Brokk machines for various sectors and in 2016 have completed successful 40 years.