Kiln Accessories

Suspended Platform

The EZ Lift Suspended Platform is Bricking Solutions’ newest equipment for vertical brick work. Modular structure of high- strength aluminum components designed to provide a flexible, maneuverable work platform for personnel and equipment in vertical vessels.The Ez Lift Suspended Platform can be used in lime kilns, pre calciners, cyclones, Isamelt furnaces and other types of vertical vessels, up to 8.2M brick ID.

Kiln Access Ramp

Kiln Access Ramps get personnel and equipment in and out of the kilns safely. Each ramp is custom designed by certified professional engineers and is made with high grade 6061 T6 aluminum, strong as steel and half the weight. Lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum construction is easy to handle and install, most ramps install in 1.5 – 2 hours. 

Safety Inspection Cage

The Safety Inspection Cage allows personnel to move safely inside your kiln and offer a safe haven against falling debris. The frames on the cages have legs which are easily adjusted for varying or uneven terrain as well as wheels to easily move over coating. Safety Inspection Cages are lightweight and easy to set up for inspection or small patchwork on the kiln.

Personal Protection Tunnel

Personal Protection Tunnels are designed for worker safety from falling coating. Tunnels are custom built to specific kiln requirements. The system includes a Set Up cage, A Safety Inspection Cage and Tunnel Cage. The tunnel system can be any length but should span the length of your burn zone or coating.

PORT A –Trac

The Port-a-Trac is a light-weight, aluminum, modular system for transporting full pallets of brick into the kiln and under the Bricking Machine scaffold. To move a pallet of brick up-kiln in small kilns where forklift access is prohibited requires a cost in time and manual labor or a custom solution with newly designed wheel system the PAT is easier to use and more efficient.

Conveyor Belt

The belt conveyor is an all-aluminum, modular conveyor system designed for portability, easy set up, and trouble free performance and one brick transport solution. The conveyor is hydraulically driven with forward/reversing and variable speed adjustment. These conveyors are continuous belts, but can be lengthened in 10 foot increments up to 200 feet long up to 280’ with 12” or 20” widths.

Bedding Cart

The Bedding Cart not only allows for the movement of bedding refractory as the bedding process progresses, but provides stair steps to facilitate the placement of refractory to or just above the spring line on larger kilns. 
The Bedding Cart also is a storage area for refractory and rolls up kiln as work progress can be designed to allow a conveyor to travel under the bedding cart.

Burner Alignment Device

Burner alignment is achieved by a laser mounting fixture and kiln target.  The laser mounting fixture inserts in one of your burner tube ports which aligns it with the burner centerline axis.  An adjustable target in the kiln identifies the center for the laser to alignment.