About Brokk

About The Company Brokk AB

The company name was Holmhed Systems AB, later changed to Brokk AB. The name has been taken from the mythical figure Brokk, who forged the god of war Thor’s hammer in the realm of the Norse gods. Brokk was small but very strong just like Brokk debricking Machine. Brokk is today a wholly owned subsidiary of the investment company Lifco Group. Quality Management System has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and applies to “Design and manufacture of remote controlled demolition robots”.

BROKK AB, Sweden makers of electro hydraulically driven demolishing / debricking machines named BROKK developed to revolutionise the demolition technology and to meet with the present day requirements of optimisation, mechanization, working environment and safety.

Some of the salient features of the machine are :

  • COMPACTNESS :  BROKK  machine is very compact and can operate in congested areas.
  • SAFETY : Its remote control operation protects operator from uncalled for risks due to direct exposure.
  • LESS NOISE & POLLUTION : It is electrically driven hence less noise & pollution.
  • MAINTENANCE : Easy as compared to diesel operated machines, as this only requires timely greasing and of course handling by only trained personnels.

The above advantages have enabled worldwide successful operation of BROKK machines namely for process, construction and nuclear power industry etc.