About Fives Pillard

About the Company

Combustion business line has evolved from various mergers and acquisitions and was created from 3 main companies: Fives ITAS, Fives North American, and Fives Pillard. Pillard Frères was created in year 1920 by A. and M. Pillard brothers in France. The company first concentrated on fuel oil burning techniques, especially for marine boilers. In year 1969 Pillard became a subsidiary of Fives and in year 2008  Pillard EGCI changed name to Fives Pillard and started sharing the same new visual identity as all the Fives Group’s companies. From design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and customer technical support throughout the equipment lifecycle, Fives offers ultimate solutions to its customers and drives projects as a true partner. Fives’ high-efficiency equipment, ultimate technologies and solutions help customers in exceeding their objectives in terms of energy consumption, polluting emission and improved production and quality. In 2012, Fives Pillard took over CBL and started manufacturing burner in India and now company known as Fives Combustion Systems Pvt Ltd

  • Fives Pillard Company Organization
  • Fives Pillard – World head office, MARSEILLE, FRANCE
  • Fives Pillard Deutschland GmbH, TAUNUSSTEIN, GERMANY
  • Fives Pillard ESPAÑA SA, MADRID, SPAIN
  • Fives Pillard (TIANJIN), BEIJING P. R. CHINA
  • International Trading Co Ltd
  • Fives Combustion Systems Pvt Ltd, VADODARA, INDIA