Industrial Burners


Pillard NOVAFLAM® is multi-channel burner for rotary kilns for cement plants.

Flame adjustment system: the burner is easy to operate, delivers repeatable flame shaping and limits the operational risks associated with improper flame setting in the kiln. Pillard NOVAFLAM® delivers an optimum flame momentum thanks to the reduced burner pressure drop and a unique patented tip design allowing a quick suction of the secondary air into the flame root for hotter/more intense flames.

Precalciner Burner

Pillard PRECAFLAMTM is a multi-channel burner for cement kilns precalciners, allowing the efficient combustion of a wide combination of fuels. Each Pillard PRECAFLAMTM is tailor-designed to fit each specific precalciner type, taking into account the fuels characteristics, allowing higher combustion efficiency and is equipped with a flame stabilizing device ensuring prompt ignition of any fuel type and improved flame stability. It allows an efficient combustion of a wide combination of calciner fuels, including lower grade alternative solid fuels, thereby lowering plant operating costs.

Reduction of NOx

Pillard NEUTRINOx™ is the logical complement to a modern Pillard NOVAFLAM® kiln burner with a view to reducing further the NOx emissions generated in rotary kilns during the combustion process. The Pillard NEUTRINOx™ system is tailor engineered to each specific kiln type thanks to the use of in-house CFD modeling in order to locate the right injection “spot” with excellent accuracy. The Pillard NEUTRINOx™ system has been applied with success in cement and lime industries.