About Refratechnik



Companies history  begins long back and have progressed year by year and there is no looking back then . Synopsis of year by year progress are here under :

  • Year 1950 when engineer Karl Albert founds the Steinwerke Feuerfest Karl Albert company in Vogelbeck near Northeim (Lower Saxony / Germany) and produced the first refractory bricks made of slag from the iron & steel industry.
  • Year 1952 Moving to present location of the company to Gottingen, Germany
  • Year 1964  Name of the company was changed to Refratechnik
  • Year 1966 Founding of Intermat in Trino / Italy
  • Year 1973 New factory in Gochsheim / Germany
  • Year 1977 New factory in Gornal / Spain
  • Year 1979 Founding of Baymag Inc. / Canada
  • Year 1987 Inauguration of R&D center in Göttingen / Germany
  • Year 1995 Refratechnik Holding is founded in Munich, Germany, and the group companies are integrated in today’s Holding structure.
  • Year 1995 Opening of the first representative’s office in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, and a sales office in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Year 1997 Founding of Refratechnik Steel GmbH and Refratechnik Casting GmbH
  • Year 1999 Founding of sales organizations in the USA and MexicoYear 2001 New factory in Bendorf / Germany purchased
  • Year 2003 New factory in Dashiqiao / China Commissioning of the Yingkou Refratechnik Refractories plant in Dashiqiao, China, in which fused basic bricks are produced for the cement industry.
  • Year 2004 Refratechnik Trading established in Dalian, China to serve customers in China.
  • Year 2006 Inauguration of R&D center in Bendorf / Germany
  • Year 2007  Founding of Refratechnik Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong
  • Year 2007 New factory in Zibo / China
  • Year 2011  New Refratechnik Steel plant in Dülmen, Germany, which produces high-quality prefabricated components.
  • Year 2013 Takeover of Burton GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Melle, Germany, and renaming the company as Refratechnik Ceramics GmbH and Refratechnik Hungaria Kft.
  • Year 2014 Refratechnik Steel GmbH’s Liaison Office is opened in Visakhapatnam, India.



CEMENT Currently, more than 2000 rotary cement kilns in over 100 countries worldwide are fitted with Refratechnik products.  They develop, produce, and install highly specialized products and concepts for all component parts of rotary cement kilns:

  • Preheaters
  • Calcinators
  • Inlet chambers
  • Rotary kilns
  • Kiln hoods
  • Tertiary air ducts
  • Coolers

General Factory – R&D